Who We Are

AeroFi is a photography/videography company working with industry professionals and/or individuals who are seeking high quality aerial footage.

What Motivates Us

Our inspiration is derived from the expression ‘to push the envelope.’

The ‘envelope’ being pushed originated from that of a slightly longer phrase; ‘push the edge of the envelope.’ This historical saying referred to an aviation construct known as the ‘flight envelope’ which defined the parameters of stress an aircraft’s frame can sustain. Testing these limits was a way of life. It is this vigor that motivates AeroFi, and is what propels us to keep moving forward.


We work closely with various companies and individuals seeking high quality pictures and videos. Our scope of work incorporates but is not limited to homeowners, architects and residential brokerage firms.


Our capabilities also appeal to landlords, commercial brokerage firms, advertising agencies, architects, contractors, and appraisal companies.

There’s More…

Need help choosing one of our package options? Please refer to our Pricing Page.